Market leader in fleet management


ERCG Benelux


Based in Mechelen, ERCG Benelux manages more than 10.000 cars throughout Belgium. As a subsidiary of ERCG France (with a portfolio of more than 100.000 cars), we are the market leader in fleet management.

ERCG Benelux is an independent party, providing complete support for your fleet management. As a neutral partner, we optimise all the various processes and our dedicated ‘fleet professionals’ provide a personalised and tailor-made service to your company and drivers.

As a key partner in Traxall International, a co-operation of fleet management companies, we can also help you with European solutions. We will develop a personalised proposal, that is perfectly in line with your international needs, and that offers solutions which take local specificities into account.


 Opt for the market leader and discover ERCG Benelux’ dedication.